-Wolf Story Lost- Prologue


“Here. Take her, quick,” The beautiful she-wolf said urgently.

She carefully set down on the ground a little scrap of fur that let out a muffled whine of protest. It was a pup. The pup had a bloody cut on it’s nose, but besides that; it looked unharmed.

“Before they find me.” The she-wolf muttered apprehensively.

The she-wolf was badly scraped and bleeding. Her legs shook with fear and exhaustion. It looked like she had left in a hurry.

“Take a chill pill,” said a big, dark, muscular male wolf, who had been waiting for her. “She’ll be fine.”

“She better be.” The she-wolf snarled.

A howl sounded in the distance. Both wolves turned their heads toward the sound, ears pricked.

“The Pack needs me,” the she-wolf sighed and looked down at the pup. “Take care, little one.” She bent down and licked the little heap of fur.

“You had better go.” The dark wolf said blankly.

The she-wolf looked up. “Thank you for taking her.” She whispered.

The dark male walked closer to her and licked her muzzle. “Please be careful, friend.”

“I will try.”

The dark wolf backed away from her and picked up the pup gently in his jaws. The two grown wolves locked their gazes for a moment.

“Do you know why I chose her out of all of the pups to save?” The she-wolf asked darkly.

The dark wolf shook his head slightly, careful not to jostle the pup.

“Because she’s special,” the she-wolf said quietly. “Never let her leave the Outside Territory; for her safety and yours.”

With that she turned and ran back the way she came. She called over her shoulder, “Never tell anyone that I gave her to you and-” The rest of her words were cut short by a series of howls and barks.

The dark wolf turned on one paw and ran with the pup to the river. He plunged in and struggled against the rapids. On the other side he clamored out and vanished into the depths of the forest.


~ When I end up publishing this book, I will make a post on where you can buy it if you are interested! ~

©Copyright by Amelia Jacobson 2015

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