A Little About Me

Welcome to my blog!

My name’s Amelia and I’m 15 years old. I love wolves (as you can probably tell from the website title I’ve chosen), and they are also one of my spirit-animals/guides. I also love reading, writing, midnight, the wilderness, and my family. My biggest dream is becoming a well known author and I think my biggest fear that comes with is people will think I copied a book that has already been published (e.g. The Maze Runner is a copy of The Hunger Games, and vice versa)

I started this blog in 2015 while I was homeschooled. I had been doing an online schooling called the Ron Paul Curriculum (although I’m not Christian), and before that I had been going to a private school. Now though, I have just completed my Freshman year in a public high school (first time in a public school setting — whoop, whoop!).

On this blog you will find pieces of my creative writing, quotes and things for you to think about and notice, and a few write-ups I’ve done about family trips.

Please, don’t steal any of the ideas on this blog, I worked long and hard on all of these posts. Thanks a million!

Before you leave this page, here’s a piece of overused advice:

Please, whatever you do, be yourself and do what you wish. Don’t have anyone else tell you how to act or what you should do with your life. You and the people around you will thank you for acting like yourself later in life.

See you in my writings,

~ Amelia Rain Jacobson


Other profiles of mine on other websites:

DeviantArt (I plan to put my art up for display here): NerdTryingArt

Wattpad (where I write fan fiction): Amelia Jacobson (@WolfeWolf)

Pinterest (where I collect writing ideas and look at fanart): Wolfe1000

Pinterest (where I make profiles for my characters): Writelife
Goodreads (where I rate books I've read): Amelia Jacobson

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      1. Thanks!! Yes I love finding other Amelia’s too – alot of them have the middle name ‘Rose’, which my mum was going to give me but she changed her mind. I think because I go by Millie, most people think it’s my real name 🙂

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