Week #6 Essay, History




Charles was born in modern-day Belgium. Later in Charles’s life, he became known as Charles the Great, translated into English, Charlemagne.

He became co-ruler in 768 with his brother, Carloman. After their father, Pepin died, he and Carloman split the kingdom, each ruling a half. Carloman died in 771, leaving Charlemagne as sole-ruler.

Charlemagne’s first task as king was to quell the uprising in Aqitaine. He was successful in quelling Aqitaine. He experienced almost constant war during his reign.

He fought 18 battles against the Saxsons in 30 years. He forced the Saxsons to convert to Christianity and also appointed a law code and court system for the country.

The law that he had made was cruel and when the Saxsons tried to revolt, Charlemagne ordered the execution of 4,500 Saxson prisoners. This was known as the Massacre of Verdun. The last Saxson insurrection took place in 804.

At age 72 Charlemagne fell ill and died in the 47th year of his reign (814).

I know he sounds kind of mean and all, but he actually was a nice man. He believed strongly in the education for boys and girls and a lot of Latin books wouldn’t have been written if he hadn’t encouraged the scholars to study.


By Amelia Jacobson