Viking Culture

Week #7 Essay, History


Viking Culture


The Vikings originated from Scandinavia, mainly, Sweden Norway and Denmark. The word ‘Viking’ comes from the Old Norse words that mean ‘Seamen’ and ‘Expeditions’.

The Vikings had their own Alphabet. They mainly wrote on stones, and from what we can translate the stones normally say something like: The purpose of the stone, who had erected it and the name of the raiser or the deceased. Besides the stones, they left behind very few records.

The Vikings worshiped the Norse Gods, mainly: Odin, Thor and Freya. From these Gods came the names: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Vikings had two kinds of ships, the Longship and the Knarr. The Longships are what people normally think of when they think of Vikings. The Longships were long, straight ships that were built for speed that often carried the soldiers off to war. They could even go into water only 1 centimeter deep! The Knarr ships were merchant ships, used later on after they stopped the raids.

The Vikings used a verity of weapons. Every Viking was required to own at least one weapon, the weapons that they had normally revealed their social status.

A wealthy Viking would have: a helmet, a shield and a sword.

A less wealthy Viking would have: spears, wooden shield and maybe a sea-ax.

Battle axes are what they mainly used. They lived primarily as farmers or raiders, but some were metalworkers or jewelers.

Most people think of Vikings as dirty and unclean people, but in reality, they were very clean people and they took great pride in that.

Most Vikings were mainly blue-eyed and had either blond or red hair.

By Amelia Jacobson