Week #14 Essay, History




From 1100 to 1700 there was a movement called Scholasticism. It started when Charlemagne brought scholars from England to France.

Scholasticism was when Universities were invented. In the Universities they used a method called the Scholastic Method.

The Scholastic Method consisted of:

1 – A book was chosen to read and after the book was read, both sides of the argument (or big event that occurred) were written down.

2 – More books were read on the subject to see what else they could find that would help the original debate.

3 – The scholars would try to bring the two sides of the argument to an agreement using philological analysis and logical analysis.


The usual day at the Universities went something like this:

1 – Lectio: a passage read aloud to the class by the teacher.

2 – Meditatio: the students go off by themselves and think about the book that was just read aloud.

3 – Quaestio: the time when questions and debates were held about the book.

In those days, the students were free to ask questions to the teacher whenever they wanted too, unlike the public schools today.

By Amelia Jacobson


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