How Someone Changed My Life

Week #3 essay, History


How my mom and dad changed my life


My mom and dad taught me so much over the course of my life. Ever since I can remember they have been teaching me all about life and how to be a good person. They are still teaching me to this day.

Ever since I can remember mom telling me to always be myself and don’t listen to other girls who say things like, ‘eww those pants are gross, wear something else.’ Or, ‘your hair looks ugly short; you should totally grow it out.’ Whenever I come home from somewhere and something like that happened, I tell her what happened she says, ‘you know what they are? They’re just jealous.’ She is still telling that to me, whenever something comes up like that.

Dad is always hard core and he would normally put whatever he was doing when Sophia or I asked for him to play a game with us and if he couldn’t stop what he was doing, he says, ‘maybe later, or tomorrow.’ Eventually, he would come play the board game or whatever we had been asking him to do with us. I can always tell him what was bothering me. I always tell him what worries me and he’ll listen until I’m done talking, then he’ll tell me, ‘what are you going to do about it?’ I normally reply, ‘I don’t know.’ He would then help me figure out what to do.

Mom and dad have offered me a lot of encouragement, for instance, my book that I’m writing.

Mom and dad helped me become stronger mentally and emotionally and they are still helping me today.


By Amelia Jacobson


4 thoughts on “How Someone Changed My Life

  1. Tammie Johnson

    You really do have amazing parents [and family], and they are molding you into such an awesome, mature, smart, beautiful, funny and loving person [just like them]. You have GREAT talent Amelia, and I hope you always follow your dreams, no matter what obstacles you may encounter. NEVER let anyone bring you down, or tell you you should do or dress in any other way, or change anything about yourself to be “cool” or “better”. You are cool! There is no “better” Amelia…. YOU are awesome!!

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