First Drowning

~I had this dream many years ago and I don’t really remember what happened before I drowned, except that my sister, my mother and our friend Iris were being chased by a shark that could go on land and we were running up a steep, dusty road.~

Drowning 1

Iris couldn’t get the car to move, we were stuck in the ditch at the side of the road. The land-shark was coming closer. Sophia ran up the path, along with Mom. The tiny car door fell open and I tumbled out. I landed in the small puddle and began to sink.

I tried to swim back to the surface, but my legs were like 100 pound weights. I was being dragged downward through the murky water.

I floated to the bottom and landed on a mound of old human skulls and bones. I tried to move, but my arms and legs wouldn’t respond. I was oddly calm, despite the fact that I was drowning.

So, this is what it’s like to drown? I thought as my eyelids closed. It’s more relaxing than I thought it would be…

~This is the first dream I had had about drowning that I can recall, but I’ve had quite a few more since then…~


2 thoughts on “First Drowning

  1. jaromb1234

    My first dream I ever had was a group of a family was sitting around the table eating and then at the end of the dream it switched to news. That was the first memory I ever had.


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  2. jaromb1234

    I had a weird dream where me and my friends found a train in a camp ground. We went into the train and instead of going on train tracks we went on the road. We arrived at a place and everybody scattered and went somewhere. Confused I followed someone that went with us. The person ran into a house and so I went to sit at the front steps of where the person ran. After a while a black man called my name. Confused, I gave the man a weird look then realized that he was calling to his daughter. Then my mom came and told me to join her and listen to my brother teach the gospel to a group of people. After that I went back to the train and found my sister holding two cats, a white one and a black one. I asked her why she has two cats, for we already have two cats.


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