Week #9 Essay, History




Castles were buildings made in the medieval times. Normally Kings or Lords lived in them. They were built 1100-1500 A.D.

Castles provided safety during raids. The first castles were made of mud and sticks. Over time stones were added for support and made it so they couldn’t be lit on fire as easily. Most of the medieval castles were built in the Motte-and-Bailey style.

What made up a typical castle was:

~ A moat

~A keep

~A curtain wall

~A Bailey

~ A Drawbridge

A Moat helped keep the invaders from putting ladders against the walls of the castle and it also kept them from being able to dig under the castle walls.

A Keep was the strongest part of the castle and it was used as a last resort for an attack or safe area.

A Curtain Wall was the outer walls of the castle and helped keep the invaders from shooting the people inside.

A Bailey was the courtyard of the castle.

A Drawbridge was used if there was a moat around the castle to make it so the people inside the castle could come and go as they pleased even if they were surrounded by water.

Castles took a few hundred years to build. Most people who worked on them never got to see them completed, which is sad.

Castles eventually became more of symbols of status than defense.

The most famous castle is the Tower of London. It helped the Norman rulers of England be able to see invaders coming.

By Amelia Jacobson


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