Ancient Greek Civilization

Week #1 Essay, History


Ancient Greek Civilization


The first Civilizations in Greece were Mycenae and Minoa. The Minoa people were very peaceful and really just focused on developing their culture. While, on the other hand, the Mycenaean’s were very much into war. They expanded to colonize much of Greece when they had food shortages husbands and families barely got to see each other. Men were used for war and Women were used for reproducing.

The Dorians took over the old Mycenaean cities. The Dorians were very plain people. They did not continue the writing style of the Mycenaean’s but rather developed a language of their own, that we know now as Greek. The Dorians came during the “Dark Ages” of Greece.

Athens developed Democracy. Athens and Sparta’s rivalry was the biggest rivalry known yet in Greece. This war was called the Peloponnesian War. This war lasted a very long time but, in the end, Sparta finally won.

There is not much to say about Sparta. The people spent much of their time in war. Not much home life.

Alexander the Great was an amazing ruler. He fought and won many wars. He died at a young age and his Kingdom fell apart after his death. He had over thirty countries named after him under the name Alexandra.

Rome took over Greece around 146 BC.

Greece’s Culture was made up of:

Their Agriculture and Trading Society-

They colonized other islands when they ran out of food.

Their Religion was based on Pantheism-

The Olympian Gods were not feared or worshiped. They were more of political symbols.

-By Amelia Jacobson




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