Ferdinand Magellan

Week #20 Essay, History


Ferdinand Magellan


Ferdinand was born in 1840 AD in Portugal. He grew up in the Portuguese royal court and served in the army.

He moved to India for a while and fought many battles. He even saved his captain and friend.

A friend of his, Serrao, got Ferdinand interested in exploring and he left India and returned to Portugal. Once Ferdinand got there, he asked the king for permission to lead an exploration crew. The king denied and Ferdinand left for Spain to see if he could get permission there.

King Charles had been having trouble getting to India because that route had been closed to the Spanish and when Ferdinand came to him, he said yes if Ferdinand could find a new route to India. Ferdinand managed to do that and Charles gave him a fleet of five ships and around 270 men.

Ferdinand set out in 1519. He was supposed to find a route to India by traveling west. After a while, he landed in the Philippines and the king asked him to help win a battle. Ferdinand agreed, but was killed during this battle.

His crew continued without him and almost three years after leaving Spain (1522), the survivors returned with only one ship and 18 men.


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