John Cabot

Week #21 Essay, History


John Cabot


John Cabot was born in 1450 as the son of a merchant. When he was young he learned a lot about sailing and navigation.

He became a citizen of Venice in 1476, but moved to England in 1488 because he didn’t want to pay his debts.

He was commissioned by King Henry VII to make an expedition across the Atlantic Ocean. John agreed and he set out in 1497 with 18 men on a ship called the “Matthew”. They landed in North America 50 days after leaving England.

They came back to England successfully and the following year John set out for North America again, this time bringing 5 ships and nearly 500 men.

They didn’t make it to North America, because the ship mysteriously disappeared. Some people think that they were in a shipwreck and no one survived, but I personally think they ran into the Bermuda Triangle.


Written by Amelia Jacobson 2016


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