White Noise

All the noise,

So obscene and blinding.

But the silence is louder.

We’re all so used to the white noise.

When the noise finally stops,

The dead sound is so deafening we all just stop.

Then we have to interrupt it because it is all so unnerving and rare,

It’s like it wants to crush us all.

Silence is so rare nowadays,

There’s always some sound there.

The chirping of birds,

Hum of cars,

People talking,

Phones ringing,

Keys typing,

Flies buzzing,

Glass clinking,

Music blaring. . .

Sometimes I wonder what everything was like

Before noise was even invented.


© Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image credit: Studybay)


6 thoughts on “White Noise

  1. CrazyWolfGuy

    hey amelia im back and writing more to the woods it will be out tommorow night time it would be very nice if you could come check it out, i miss doing this writing its been tooooo long 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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