Week #10 Essay, History




Acting is a challenging thing to do. I love to act and I have been acting since I was six. I go to the Playhouse every (or almost every), Saturday to practice my acting skills. The goal to every show that we do at the Playhouse is to have fun, stay in your character and the show must go on.

The first play I was in was ‘Molly’s Wish Come True Cupcakes’. I was put in the lead role, Molly. I don’t really remember that one very well, all I remember was slipping on the stage and smacking my chin on a table (thankfully that was between shows). That was when I learned what the term, ‘the show must go on’ really meant. That play came together pretty well I think, as I said, I can’t really remember that one.

The next play was, ‘Donald and the Dragon’. (I had taken a break from acting for a few years, so by now I was ten). I was Donald’s mother (Jane). That play was so much fun to be in and it was defiantly a success. Almost everyone was cooperating with each other and I think that’s what made it come together so well.

And I thought ‘Donald and the Dragon’ was going to be the best play I would ever be in, I was wrong.

The most recent play I did was ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. I did it last year. That was by far the best play I had done (so far). This was also the first play that I got to do with my sister (she was Zu-Zu, an elf). I was the shoemakers’ wife, Fiona. (As you may have noticed, I love playing the mother/wife role). This one had a few mistakes, for instance, one time Oliver (Eric – the shoemaker) and I (Fiona) stood alone on stage for a minute (it felt longer than that) before Romy (Shannon – Fiona and Eric’s daughter) finally came on stage, people forgot their props that they needed, that wasn’t too big of a mistake, they figured out how to make it work. On the last show, the heel of my shoe broke off while I was on stage. And my favorite, when Ada (Herbie – an elf) accidentally flung a shoe into the audience. Everyone who was part of this play loved doing it as much as I did and we all didn’t want it to end. This play for the most part was a success.

The play that I am probably going to do next will be: ‘The Princess who became King’ or, ‘Death by Chocolate’. (Personally, I think we should do ‘The Princess who became King’).


By Amelia Jacobson


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