Clovis the first and Gaul (Early France)

Week #4 Essay, History



Clovis the first and Gaul (Early France)


France a long time ago was called Gaul. Gaul was owned by the Romans. Several different Tribes inhabited Gaul, each ruled by a different assigned Roman king. The Tribes were known as the Franks. The Franks lived by the Rhine River which still runs through France to this day.

Clovis, a young boy of age 15, became king after his uncle in 481 AD. He was very capable despite his age. In 489 he fought the Romans. He won the war and the Romans lost their hold on Gaul.

Clovis was a Pagan until around the year 486 when he was fighting a war and the Franks were losing. His wife had been trying for years to turn him into a Christian. Eventually Clovis decided before his army would be destroyed, he decided to pray to God. After praying to God, the war turned in his favor and they quickly found victory. After that, Clovis was baptized in the Christian church and he believed in God the rest of his life.

Clovis died in 511. The kingdom was split up between his four sons and the kingdom stayed intact for many more years after his death.


By Amelia Jacobson


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