The Conquest of England

Week #8 Essay, History


The Conquest of England


In 1066, England was ruled by king Edward of England. King Edward died and left no clear heir to the throne and the citizens elected Harold Godwinson Earl of Wessex as king of England.

There were two other kings who thought they deserved the throne more than Harold and they set off on the same day to attack England.

Harald of Norway invaded from the north and William of Normandy was traveling to invade from the south. Harald of Norway got there first and attacked England.

This battle between King Harold of England and Harald of Norway is known as the Battle of Stamford Bridge, September 25th 1066. King Harold of England and his men won the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

King Harold of England and his men were tired and weary from the battle. King Harold heard just three days after the Battle of Stamford Bridge that England was being invaded from the south by William of Normandy. King Harold as quickly as possible brought his men to the south side of the kingdom.

When King Harold of England and his men got to the south side of his kingdom, they were more tired than ever. But, they got the advantage on the top of a hill.

When William of Normandy and his men attacked, they had to go up the hill. This slowed them down and also made them more open to King Harold’s men’s arrows.

This battle is known as The Battle of Hastings on October 14th, 1066. Harold died from an arrow going through his eye and then being slain while he was distracted by one of William’s men.

After King Harold was killed, his men fled the battlefield and William of Normandy won. He was crowned king of England on Christmas Day.

By Amelia Jacobson


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