Broken Wings

Her wings refused to work,

Their once white feathers now black and bloody.

Her halo was in pieces,

Gravity tugging them down around her.

They had been merciless,

She had never stood a chance.

She glanced up at the sky for probably the very last time.

The moon stared back down at her,

Blurry through her tears.

It looked like it was already mourning her end.

She closed her eyes,

Bracing for impact.

She hit the rocks with a crack,

Glowing shards of her broken halo raining down,

Burying beneath her fragile skin.

She laid still for the rest of time.


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

Sorry I haven’t been posting and that this is an odd topic. I haven’t had a lot of inspiration for blog posts recently, and I’ve kept my focus more on my personal stories, because I really want to get at least one book of mine bound and published this year (sounds a lot like what I’ve been saying for all the time I’ve been writing anything. . . hahaha. . .)

Hope you all are doing well! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

(Image link: pomodorosa)


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