I’m so used to the

Familiar choke of ropes,

Wrapped around my mind and body.

It’s become comforting to have them snap taught

Whenever I stray too far.

Recently though,

The bindings have loosened a considerable degree.

I’ve wandered farther

Than I ever have been allowed before.

It’s such a strange sensation,

Being able to breathe without the ropes chafing around my throat.

But now I’m being shoved away,

Closer to the rim of the cliff.

The ropes holding me safe are being cut by an unseen menace.

They’re going to snap and drop me over the edge.

Only a few more ropes are left,

So many are disappearing too fast.

When they’ve all broken,

No more rules will remain.

I’ve shaped all my life

Around those ropes and rules,

I don’t want them to be dismissed.

I can’t have them vanish.

“Take me back,

Back to the room of the ropes.

I will no longer fight them,

I swear.

I promise,

Just take me back to the room of the restricted and safe.”

But the ropes have all been cut,

And now I’m falling,

Though not for long.

I’m allowed to move.

No longer do ropes bind my limbs,

No invisible threads streak my mind.

All the doors are open,

I’m free to enter any one.

Freedom is a good thing,

Why didn’t I see it before?


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: unknown)


5 thoughts on “Unbound

  1. PaPa

    Amelia love this story,we all see things from different perspectives when i read this story i thought of a wolf who had been captured and tethered to chain around his neck, he would rather die than loose his ability to run free,.after all you are all about the wolves,keep up the thought provoking stories they are fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

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