I don’t understand why everyone of today is

Stuck in such a paranoid state.

Constantly advising others to be careful,

Warning them not to go and do anything reckless.

We need to learn that the world is full of dangers

That we cannot avoid.

There’s so many ways to die without doing anything:

A meteor could come hurtling out of the sky and kill us all;

A bomb could fall and we could die from the radiation;

A deadly epidemic could suddenly break out and pick us off one by one;

A mad gunman could sweep through town and murder us all;

We could get hit by a car while crossing the road;

Our hearts might suddenly stop working. . .

The list just goes on.

To be honest, no place is safe.

Why do we waste so much of our lives on playing safe,

Worrying about what might happen?

I have to admit,

I am guilty of being as paranoid as everyone else,

But must we let our paranoia hold us back from living our lives?

What we should be doing is living to the fullest,

Achiving what we want before out time is up.


© Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: Unknown)


Sorry if I frightened some people with this post, it wasn’t intended to do that. I just listen to people–myself included–worry almost constantly about foolish things, death being one of them. The truth is, we can’t control anything except ourselves and what we achieve.

Fin-Kedinn emptied the waterskin over Torak’s hands. “Don’t worry about me,” he said.

“But I do,” said Torak. “Saeunn meant what she said.”

The Raven Leader shrugged. “Omens. You can’t live your life by what might happen.”

Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver. (All credit for this quote goes to her)


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