Time To Act

I never want to leave my bed,

Why do I have to face the outside world again?

As soon as I get up,

It’s time to act.

The stage lights shine bright,

But stage make-up covers my true appearance.

The costume helps me slip into the correct character,

Who am I playing today?

I know I’m not the only one,

Who is playing pretend 24/7.

Everyone else is just like me,

Everyday running through their lines,

Thinking of what’s coming next

And what the suitable reaction will be.

We’re all professional actors,

The world is our stage.

The only thing that’s missing

Is our curtain call,

Signalling the end of our show.

We all just want it to end,

And go back into the green room for celebration.

We want to get away from the lights and waiting audience,

Whom we must always please.


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: Free Your Mind)



12 thoughts on “Time To Act

  1. but for real,this is so me\so true.but instead my is “wake up,try not to yell at annoying brothers,eat breakfast,talk on blog,try to figure out why school was invented,do the worst thing in the world [school] then play baseball,[the only fun thing i have going on right now,then get home,deal with annoying brothers again,eat dinner,and then go to bed……zzzzzzzzzzz

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