Playing Grown-Up

Confused as we run for the bus,

Lost as we wander the smoke-choked streets.

Stiff in this suit,

Tense while waiting.

Someone could always be watching.

We aren’t allowed to do what we once did,

We must obey the rules.

Now that we are older,

There is Law and Order.

As kids,

We never realized this.

We figured we could act out whatever we did

And everything would end up all right.

Playing “Grown-Ups” and “House”,

All was good with the world.

Our jobs,

Our homes,

Our family and friends,

All exactly how we wanted it.

No one ever died,

No one ever got hurt,

No one ever fought and ran away.

We had never left this imaginary world

We brought down to Earth.

But we now know the bitter truth.

Nothing ever is rose petals and rainbows anymore,

Nor had it ever been.

We had been shielded and sheltered

From the fatal bite of reality.

Why can’t we go back to the time

When we could change everything with a simple saying,

As though we were the Gods themselves.

I’m tired of being a grown up.

I wish someone would call us all to come inside,

And disrupt this horrible fantasy.


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link)


3 thoughts on “Playing Grown-Up

  1. Kristin

    The only constant in this world is change. You have captured very brilliantly the terror in realizing time marches forward. Sorry darling. But we are all in this together and for that I am so grateful. Xo💕Love, mom

    Liked by 1 person

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