Not Yours

Listen to me,

Listen close.

I am not a toy.

Get your baby hands away from me.

I will not change who I am for your enjoyment.

I will not go to that surgeon with the needles and plastics,

Just for you.

Even if you’re the one who pays the fat bill,

I still refuse.

No, I will not keep my hair up in an uncomfortable do,

Or stand in this hideous dress,

Which is far too short to be appropriate anyway,

Just for you.

If you think I’m ugly,

You’re the one who’s wrong.

You don’t own me,

You can’t change who I am,

No matter how much I can see you want to.

I wasn’t put here for you,

For the last time, I’m not yours.


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: unknown)


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