Different End


When I yell at you when you’re about to do something stupid,

When I cheer for you after you win a duel,

When I tell you your best friend isn’t really dead,

I know you can’t really hear me.

When you felt all alone,

I was there for you, though you couldn’t see me.

When you argued against another,

I rooted for you, though you couldn’t hear my whispers of encouragement.

When you were fighting on the battlefield,

I was one of your soldiers who fought bravely at your side.

When you were in pain and lying on the bloodied ground,

I tried to heal you with the voice you couldn’t hear and the hands you couldn’t feel.

Now you’re dead,

And there’s nothing I can do,

Except scream and cry while I hold your finished book close to my chest.

I didn’t want the last sentence to end this way.

I wanted you to be alive and happy,

With a family and a safe, relaxed life.

Now I’m the one all alone.

I couldn’t save you,

Even though I wanted to.

If I had the power,

I would’ve leaped into the pages,

And made myself real in the text beside you.

I would’ve become one of your comrades and soldiers,

You would’ve known me and I could’ve sacrificed myself to save you.

Then maybe your story would’ve ended differently,

In the way we all wanted.


©Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: unknown)


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