Silence The Voices


What a strange possibility.

It must not qualify for me,

Since that definition is just so foreign.

Even in the near silent times,

There’s never silence.

Oh, sure.

I know what silence is,

I just haven’t ever heard it.

Even in the middle of the night,

The most quiet of times,

The voices are there.

Faint screams.

I can’t tell if they’re in my head or just around that corner.

People talking.

I can almost make out the words.

Why can’t I have this item you all call “silence”?

It seems like such a luxury.

Honest to God,

It sounds as though someone’s downstairs.

But, I’m the only one home.

What if they’re coming for me?

Is this all in my head?

I just want the silence,

The silence of these voices and noises.

Silence must exist somewhere,

Why can’t it be here?


© Amelia Jacobson 2017

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4 thoughts on “Silence The Voices

  1. Reminding me the times when all of stuff going creating a havoc in my head was really freaking me out and then the day came when I found silence in my poetry. And I found solace in words.. !! Loved your poem , you have exceptional skill to touch people’s minds 👌👌

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  2. Just so beautiful❤ it reminds me of my restlessness at times when I want to shut everything around me and feel peace but my mind is so charged with different thoughts that it becomes impossible. But it would happen someday when your mind will allow itself to just relax and not think.
    Ps. My neighbours above play music all night, so it’s never really quiet here ever too!

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