Turn Off The News

Riots of any kind,

Bombing anywhere and anyhow,

Assaults of all kinds on men and women alike,

Terrorists on the loose everywhere we turn.

Commercial break in a moment.

Yet, is it really a break?

“Buy this, it’s only $14.99!”

“This will make you lose weight in record time!”

After those wonderful words, we return to our program.

Back to the bombing in wherever.

Back to the shootout in that bar where at least twenty were killed.

The rapists roaming the streets and all those missing teens…

I’ve seen enough, why hasn’t anyone else?

Why are we wondering

Why our nations children

Act the way they do?

Please, just turn off that TV

And come back to reality

Where the stories aren’t dramatized to such a high degree.


© Amelia Jacobson 2017

(Image link: Why I must bully and outrage on TV)


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