Ignoring the world,

Staying in my personal one.

I have heard that a person’s favorite music

Says a lot about them.


Best to keep mine hidden.

Keeping my headphones on,

Masking myself from the outside world.

Though my ears ache after a while,

I don’t dare take them off.

I watched the people,

Though a haze of sound from my headphones,

Who had taken theirs off.

It wasn’t smart of them,

To play their music aloud.




That’s what happened;

To those who were brave, yet stupid enough,

To take those mini speakers off.

And yet,

Those who had taken them off,

Seem happier.

Though they are mocked,

They constantly wear a smile.

I can’t take my headphones off,

I’ve worn them too long.

They are an important asset now.

I can’t hear what the outside people say,

And I’m beginning to care.

Listening to the same songs on repeat,

Why am I continuing?

I’ve gotta get them off,

The music’s driving me insane.

The outside world is fading,

Why am I still stuck this way?


Everything’s becoming clearer,

The music’s stopped.

This new silence is deafening,

Yet comforting.

“I can hear you now.

What was it you were saying?”

The headphones are gone,

Now and forever more.

I can hear everyone now,

They’ve welcomed me back

To this wonderful, yet so strange, outside world.


© Amelia Jacobson 2017

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