Changers Update #2 (One Of My Books)!

I (kinda) recently got feedback from one of my beta readers about Changers! (I think I have decided that Changers, the Special Three is going to be the whole trilogy title-if I do a trilogy, which I think I will-I’m still not sure about the Special Three part though… Ugh, coming up with a title is confusing me. Moving on to the fun stuff…) My beta reader really likes the story and loves two of the characters, which is a relief.

Earlier this evening (12/29), I had an hour-long meeting with my uncle about this story. I had sent it to him to be read shortly after I received feedback from my beta reader, since he is a professional script writer/editor.

Anyways, I was so happy with the results of that meeting. I had been so nervous about what he would tell me: that maybe the story wasn’t good enough to be published, it didn’t have a strong plot,… the list went on and on.

But, he actually said it was a good story! That is a huge relief for me to hear, since I had heard from everyone who knows that uncle (including myself) that he will tell you the truth and what he truly and honestly thinks.

He pointed out a lot of things, and I figured out that my book is going to be a YA novel. (Yes, it’s true. I didn’t know my target audience when I started writing. I did know Changers was going to be either YA or MG, though). All the items he pointed out were helpful and will help me discover the overall important issue in my story, otherwise known as the plot. (Yes, I didn’t have a summary of the plot as well, and I still don’t have a clear one).

My uncle told me my antagonist needs to be in the story more, not just looming in the background. And it’s true, my villain does disappear for a while and needs to show his face more often. Also, he said my audience is going to want to see more of the love story between two of my main characters, which gives me an excuse to add a scene I wanted to but didn’t (if I even keep the scene it is stationed in, but still… Hehe). He shared many, many more helpful tips, and I am super grateful to him for taking the time to read and give me tips about my story.

Anyway, I have a lot of rewriting and treatmenting (writing the overall plot) I am going to need to do, but I’m actually quite excited to do it. I mean, I’m going to be sad cutting out unimportant issues that I loved writing, but hey, it will probably be used in another story of mine (or it will just sit in my page of random writing ideas in Google Docs for eternity…)

That is all I have with this update on Changers, but I will post another when something major happens to it (such as getting the rewrite and treatment done successfully)!

Best of luck with your writing!

~ Amelia Jacobson

(My first Changers update)


8 thoughts on “Changers Update #2 (One Of My Books)!

  1. Kristin

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for the process. It is a lengthy one but well worth the investment up front. You will be glad you put in the time and effort! Well done!! ❤️Mom

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  2. Good luck! I hate and love rewriting at the same time. (Can’t wait to read it 😀 ) I have no clue if my book is YA of Junior fic or whatever, the characters are from 7 yrs old to 17. But to be honest the 7 year old is not really involved in the plot. the two main characters are 11 and turn 12 in the book, I don’t know I might make ’em a bit older, probably not though. Wait, what’s MG? Is it something to do with Middle School?

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