It started with child’s play,

But we quickly moved on.

Haven’t seen each other in years,

Then you come along.

Out of the blue, you appear.

“Where have you been for so long?”

A list of items,

Then a startling proposition.

“Um, no.

I’m sorry,

But I’m not ready.”

Especially since

I don’t really know

Who you are anymore.

More years pass,

You’re closer to me now.

At least, closer than you had been

While you were gone.

One night,

You suddenly get down on one knee

And take out a small box,

Holding it out to me as it opens.

I can’t believe what I see.

“I’m sorry,

I guess I have made the wrong impression.

No, I am not in love with you.

I’m sorry, but I decline.”

I know I have hurt you,

By saying those words.

But I am not here to please you,

Only me.

You just aren’t the right man for me,

Not yet, at least.


©Amelia Jacobson 2016

(Image link)

*This is not a true story. I made it up.*


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