Christmas Eve Surprise

One certain night of the year,

Not a human stirs.

But not this year.

One little girl,

Eagerly sits up and waits,

Fidgeting with excitement.

She had heard so much

About this mysterious man in the red suit.

She didn’t understand

Why someone would “break into” a house

And leave toys behind.

Although the man was well-known by all,

No one had ever seen his face,

Or him for that matter.

The girl was curious,

She wanted to know who he was

And why he did what he did.

After hours of waiting,

Her ears finally detect a noise from downstairs.

Could it be?…

She gets out of bed,

Bringing her favorite teddy bear with her,

And creeps down the stairs.

Underneath the tree

Is bare and clean,

Only the presents from her family and friends stood beneath.

A rock clinked into the fireplace,

It had fallen from the chimney.

The girl watched in amazement,

As the man she had dreamed of meeting for years

Tumbled into the ashes.

The man in red stood and brushed the soot off,

Then went over to the plate and glass on the table.

He drank the milk in one chug,

Then took a cookie and set to his work.

The girl was too stunned to speak,

As the man whipped out many gifts from his bag

And set them neatly beneath the tree.

He quickly moved on to the stockings,

Filling them with candy canes, chocolate, and many more sweets.

When he had finished, he finally turned to the girl.

He didn’t speak, just put a finger to his lips and smiled at her.

He then stepped into the fireplace with a nod and disappeared.

Only then did the quiet spell on the girl seem to break,

But she still didn’t say a word,

For she had understood what Santa meant.

The Christmas encounter,

A very rare and special scene,

Was for hers to keep

And none other to hear about.



©Amelia Jacobson 2016

(Image link)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Surprise

  1. Aww, I like it!
    I asked my 4 yr old brother, “is santa real?”
    He said:
    “They made him it up.
    They think santa’s real,
    but he isn’t.
    They think he’s coming,
    but he isn’t.”
    I was just cracking up 😀
    Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

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