Call Me A Liar

“Liar, liar,-“

I see you,

Spilling those lies.

The police tolerantly listen,

In that room.

How dare you accuse me

Of something I didn’t do.

“-Pants on fire!-“

Now it’s my turn.

I must tell my story;

The true one.

I knew you could be persuasive,

Which made me nervous,

But, who would think I,

A young child of six,

Would lie?

“-Busted, busted,-“

I can’t believe this.

How could they ignore

The obvious?

I am stuck with you again.

For years and years.

I don’t think you’ll let me

Tell so easily next time.

“-Never to be trusted!”


©Amelia Jacobson 2016

*This is not a true story, I made it up*

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