Young Love (Why?)

Actin’ dumb

Tryin’ to get the boy.

Why do you do it?

Why does everyone seem to do it?

Once he notices

You hide yourself

Behind a curtain of lies

Just so he doesn’t know the real “monster”

Behind your mask.

When your friends find out about

Your little play,

They giggle and tease

Some even betray.


Young love…

I just don’t understand it.

It tears apart friendships

That you had since what feels like forever

But then again,

Everyone does this “change”

So it can’t be as bad as it seems,

Now can it?

Just wait,

There’s always a price to pay…


The boys are beginning to notice,

You think that’s a good sign.

But, what you don’t notice is

Your friends whispering behind your back

And leaving you behind.


If that’s what you want, there’s the price.

That’s all you have to pay.

It’s simple, really.

So small…


After a while,

You will lose the true you

Behind that mask the boys have grown to know

And, sometimes, love.

You will realize there’s no one to turn to

For all your true friends had picked up their bags and

Moved on long ago.

You will hardly even know what you like anymore.

You will forget who your family really is

For you had neglected all of them for so long.

Trapped in the past,

Or is it the future?

You won’t be able to tell anymore.

Stuck inside the real monster

You have created,

Surrounded by the others

You had met and trusted.


Such a small price to pay for love,

Tell me

Is it not?



©Amelia Jacobson 2016


5 thoughts on “Young Love (Why?)

  1. Kristin

    Authentic love never requires a mask. Any other is never worth it, I agree…. authentic love eventually finds those who stay true to themselves. It’s worth waiting for, and nobody has to be left behind! ❤️Mom xo

    Liked by 2 people

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