I’m a little broken,

Like everyone else.

Another person comes

And takes what they want,

Then they leave.

You want something too?

Come take it.

I don’t care anymore.

Tear me apart.

Leave my shards,

Discard them in the street.

Take what you like,

Leave what you don’t.

Don’t feel bad about it,

Just take it.

I’m broken beyond repair anyways,

Why not be shattered once more?

Take what you want,

Leave what you don’t.

I’m broken beyond repair already.

It’s no use trying to fix me now.

Take what you need,

Give into the greed.

I’m broken in the first place.

Shatter me again

Go ahead and do it.

Take what you need, leave what you don’t.

Shatter me again

I tell you,

No one will care.



© Amelia Jacobson 2016


6 thoughts on “Shattered

    1. No, I’m not the Shattered character. I like watching how other people act and writing about certain things I notice. Sometimes I write about how I feel in the poems, but mainly its about things I notice from about other people.


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