Changers Update #1 (One Of My Books!)

I have been working on a story of mine since sometime in March 2016 and I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT on 11/22 at 12:13 AM! (I realize this is late; but better late than never, right?) This story is not Lost (I will get back to Lost eventually, but I’m taking a short to long break from it until I get more ideas). I’m thinking of calling this series “Changers”, but I’m still debating about that because there’s already a series with a similar title; I think I’m going to keep it though.

I’m planning for this to be a trilogy which is followed by two other series, one with two books and another with one book; but I don’t know if that will change or not (the imagination is constantly changing its mind!).

Anyways, I have finished editing this story by this time (for the most part, I’m still going back periodically and making revisions) and a few of my friends are currently reading it. They’re sending feedback from a reader’s perspective, which I am grateful for. They’ve been sending things I never would’ve noticed while I am editing/revising that I could change, and I’m so glad they are because it will help my story make more sense!

That is all with my update on Changers, I will post another when something major happens to it (such as being completely finished!).

I wish all you writers luck with your own writing, and don’t give up on that draft, it’s taken me nine months to finish the first step of mine!

Until my next update or writing piece,

~ Amelia Jacobson


11 thoughts on “Changers Update #1 (One Of My Books!)

  1. crazycathysite

    Congratulations Amelia! You must be soooo proud. I have yet finished my first draft, and I’m still in the process of editing.

    P.S. I really don’t like editing, most of all the Grammar, Because I’m terrible at that. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. obsidianrose7522

    Awesome! I am writing a book as well. It’s still the first draft, and it’s all on a notebook, so it’s hand written. I can’t wait to see your book when it’s published!

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  3. I can’t wait to read it! I’m almost done with Part 1 of my book, due to waking up at 6 on weekdays to get school done early so I can type, and waking up at 6 on weekends to type like mad. I’m on page 97 I think. So proud of you girl!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Kristin

    Congratulations Amelia on your first draft.!!! You were diligent. While the rest of us slept you were writing well into the night, every night 5 or 6 hours at least! You had the persistence and the discipline to do it. Impressive.❤️Love, Mom

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