When you see me,

Working hard and making progress on my life,

And having fun and loving what I do;

While you’re struggling to stay afloat

Among the many images you shouldn’t have to worry about,

Your chest burns with fury and envy.

I can see it in the way you act towards me.

You’re not the person I had known

Before you learned about how society

Seems to want you to act.

I wasn’t worried about it at first,

I figured you would find a way to win the hard battle,

And find what you love,

But now things have changed

And I’m terrified for your sake.

You struggle harder to

Make yourself better to others

By putting me down.

I tried to ignore you,

But you took it further than you normally would.

You aren’t who you used to be,

What had happened to the sweet, adorable, kind, caring person I used to know?

Who is this intruder

That has taken over you?

It makes my heart break,

Watching you drown

In what you aren’t supposed to be.


It hurts my feelings too,

When you laugh and tease about what I love to do.

You say how much of an idiot I am

When you know I’m really not,

And its you who is.

I know who did this to you,

But I can’t help you escape,

For this is a battle

Only you can fight.

It is your choice to

Win or lose.

Oh, what has happened to

The friend I used to know?


© Amelia Jacobson 2016


2 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Hi CrazyWolfGirl. Part of human nature jealousy. Been there gets you know where! Thank you for liking my poem “Explosion!” So glad you liked it thank you for your great comment. To your question yes there are too many unanswered question! Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

    Liked by 1 person

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