Lone Tribe

It’s strange how

Us human beings

Can’t be left alone for long

Before beginning to talk to oneself.

First, we’ll do it when no one’s around,

Then we’ll do it in public.

By accident at first,

Then it just becomes habit.

Our friends begin to think we’re wack

And spread rumors.

We earn the title “crazy”.

The “sane” people tell their children to stay away from us.

They don’t understand,

We only talk aloud to no one,

So we don’t feel as alone as we seem.

We’ll talk as you walk past.

We’ll make eye contact and you’ll run away,

But we honestly aren’t even talking to you.

You really think we really care?

The “sane’s” say:

“Look, there goes one of the ‘Crazy Tribe’ lunatics. Stay far away,

They may take you away.”

Us of the “Crazy” Tribe would just laugh,

For they don’t know the truth

Behind the talk.

Lone tribe.

Oh, that’s who we all are

Where we all live.

We’re all a little lost,

If not completely.

In some ways,

We’re all lost

And alone.

Some people just haven’t realized,

That they are one of us.

We’re all part of the Lone Tribe.


© Amelia Jacobson


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