Please, just wait a moment,

Before moving on to the next thing.

Look at me.

You’re not,

Look closer.

What you see isn’t me,

It’s someone else.

Someone you know,

But I don’t.

I loathe her.

You’ve gotta help me

Get rid of this intruder.

Look at me.

You don’t ever hear me,

You don’t see me.

Who you always see is the trespasser,

The one who is killing me.

There you go again,

Always looking away.

Never truly hearing or seeing.


I will fight the invader without your help,

Although I’ll die doing it alone.

Then again,

You’ve never seemed to care anyway.

Be prepared to say goodbye,

To the last part of the true me.

For it will be gone forever,

Dead at the feet of the intruder inside,

Before you finally realize your terrible mistake.


© Amelia Jacobson


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