As soon as we’re allowed

To see each other after what feels like years,

You bring-

When did you get that?

After an hour

Of staring at that tiny screen,

I am beyond bored;

Just lost in an emotionless haze.

Can’t we do something else?

Maybe go outside like we used to?

After a while, I glance at the corner of your screen

And let out a breath of relief

When I see the battery symbol in the red.

Finally, we can do something.

Something besides this.

You notice the symbol as well and leap up.

You go and grab your charger in a frantic frenzy.

Why, oh why, did you have to remember that stupid charger?

After I have lost track of time,

Our parents yell that it is time to go.

We say our goodbyes and that the playdate was fun,

Then you leave.

As I wave, I pray that next time

You forget

To bring that screen and its charger.


© Amelia Jacobson


5 thoughts on “Battery

  1. I know someone who practically always bored. It is Tobuscus in the Tobuscus Adventures. The only things that I know about ‘Tobuscus’ (the youtube channel) is that the video owner, makes some pretty good music, some funny animated videos, and plays video games. My two favorite songs that Tobuscus made, is the ‘Dramatic song’ and ‘Sideburns’.

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  2. I know how it feels like to not see someone close to you for some years, and then see them over a electronic device. I had not seen my cousins for about 5 years, and a few years ago I got to see them for the first time in almost about 1/2 a decade.

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