Its Halloween… And They’re Here

Stalking in the shadows,

Demons run free

Cawing and beckoning,

Drawing small children closer

Ghosts moan and wail

Chasing after innocent trick-or-treaters

In hopes to get their old life back by stealing other’s

Werewolves rule the woods


Warning by-passers back

And picking off the ones who don’t listen

Vampires soar through the dark as bats,

Searching the land below for their next victim

Skeletons and zombies party in the graveyard

Relishing in their renewed life

Boogeymen come out from their closets and under the beds

To join the fun


Calling all the monsters, ghouls, and ghosts

Come haunt the streets

For it ’tis Halloween,

When all the brave children

Come out of their safe homes

Looking for treats

And possibly a scare


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