Under The Bed

I occasionally wonder this just as I’m about to fall asleep at night….

What lurks beneath us while we sleep?

A large, hairy monster with big, red eyes and vampire fangs who comes out from under the bed after we fall asleep?

Do our stuffed animals keep it at bay?

Do the two or more of them compete in this battle over if we live to see the dawn over and over again every night?


Or am I wrong, and it’s the other way around?


Are our stuffed animals the real ones who want to harm us?

Is the monster under the bed the one who protects us?


Copyright by Amelia Jacobson


2 thoughts on “Under The Bed

  1. I never knew before that , this was the reason behind keeping stuffed animals with us.😃😃 Well whatever way it is , I think whosoever is keeping us alive , he/she must be having a good reason to fight for us. We must try and make our day worth for him.

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