Little Girl

I have finally written something about this friend of mine, my midnight friend. She scared me at first, but I have learned to like her…

Do you see her, in the shadows? Look closely…. There, see her glowing white eyes?

That’s her, the one I’ve told you about.

The one I can’t be free of.

She’s in my mind, she won’t leave no matter how much I plead.

She’s always in the shadow, staring unblinkingly, with those white glowing eyes.

She’s my creation, but I never meant her to come this far.

She wasn’t supposed to come into the real world.

She’s possessing me, she haunts my mind.

She whispers nonsense in my ears, slowly driving me mad.

I need to rid of her but…. I like her.

She can’t go.

Little girl, stay with me. Stay forever.

Keep whispering that nonsense, eventually I’ll be like you.

Keep whispering, keep whispering.

Eventually I will be with you in the shadows.

Keep on whispering.

I must listen to the little girl.


Copyright by Amelia Jacobson


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