Capricorn ~ Favorite Stone

Writing challenge a friend on the Ron Paul Curriculum started…

My favorite stone…. That’s hard. I have many. Let’s see….

Amethyst sparkles beautifully, but Linerite does as well.

Pyrite is wonderful, but Gold is so much brighter.

Tourmaline and Fluorite’s colors are like a rainbow brought down to earth.

Diamond is so clear, you can almost see into another world.

Quarts is so clean.

Ruby’s are like fields of blood.

Onyx is much darker than any shadow.

Lapis Lazuli is like a flowing river, but Turquoise is much more blue.

Emerald is like sunlight streaming down onto the forest floor.

Aquamarine is like a piece of the sky.

Bismuth is like a miniature maze.

It is nearly impossible for me to chose my favorite, they are all so beautiful.


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