My Sister, The Moon

This is for my younger sister, Sophia, who is going to be twelve years old tomorrow, on September 17th.


Although you can sometimes be a big pain, my life would not be worth living without you. I couldn’t have wished for a better sister.

Happy Birthday, my personal moon. I love you.


“Moon, you shine so bright; I’m hypnotized by your beauty.

Moon, you glide so effortlessly across the sky each night; I’m in awe by your grace.

Moon, your brothers and sisters in the sky are nothing compared to your light; I’m in admiration by how you stand out.

Moon, you carve shadows into different shapes as each hour ticks by; I’m amazed by your creativity.

Moon, you care for the ones below and around you; I’m in astonishment by how much love you can give.

Moon, no matter how many times your light shrinks to nothing, you come back just as brightly as before. I’m shocked by your resilience.

Moon, you still continue to shine, even when we can’t see you. I’m proud of how you continue on.”

Keep shining, Sophia.

Your sister forever,



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